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About Us

Adonai Employment, Inc. is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit, Christian-based employment service agency that is serving the greater Milwaukee area. Adonai Employment's goal is to help businesses see an alternative way to fill their staffing needs. We do this by helping individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment connect with jobs that will meet their goals. Adonai operates from a new paradigm, developing and fostering mutually beneficial solutions to real needs of both employers and job seekers at no cost to the employer.


Bureau of Labor, Social Security Administration, and Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development statistics all show that there are a growing number of individuals with documented disabilities. Adonai conducted its own survey that showed government agencies felt the need for a vendor with a new approach. Adonai was created to meet that need. We serve both the business community and job seekers. 


Operating from a business model perspective, uniquely looking at the needs of the clients, the referring source, and the employers to achieve mutually beneficial results all are within the scope of Adonai's abilities. Adonai serves the population connected with existing referring agencies and offers specialized services for individuals with impairments, helping connect them to a broader range of careers than is currently targeted by other employment vendors.

Who We Are

We are an organization based upon Christian principles that provides customized employment services to individuals with disabilities and other disadvantages in metropolitan Milwaukee. We help people prepare for, find, obtain and maintain employment. By providing these services, we improve the quality of life of each individual that we serve and assist employers to enrich their companies with a diverse workforce.

Our Principles

Respecting the Value of Each Person
At Adonai Employment, we believe that each person possesses a special dignity and value.  We strive to treat each individual with whom we work with respect and compassion.


Recognizing the dignity of work
At Adonai Employment, we believe that there is a dignity that comes with work.  Through work people are given means to express their creativity and experience value as a member of society.  We strive to help our clients find meaningful employment that empowers them as members of our community.


Making a difference through service
At Adonai Employment, we believe that we are doing more than just our jobs.  We are making a difference by serving others.  We touch lives and help people.  We are also committed to sharing our resources with other organizations with similar values and missions.

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